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Fun Game

I love playing Cash Show every day. Even though I haven’t won much because some of the questions are hard. Hope I make it to question 12 to win some cold hard cash. And I just wish we can get more extra lives and wrong fines somehow. The hosts RAF and Beau are great game hosts.

Gabriel cash

This show was fun and exciting glad to play my part in it I’ll get better as I go!!!

5 stars!!!

Its Glitchy & the sounds turns off in every show! Sometimes it pauses Great game

What happened to them

As someone who used to could cash out and get it reviewed they have changed something to now whenever you try to cash out the money you won it gets denied. Pretty scammy and they won’t email you back or respond? BEWARE!

Cold hard cents...

Prize spins every day gives way too many power ups to those who already utilize tech and google. Make the questions harder and decrease power up spins.


Love the game. It’s a trivia game for anyone. It doesn’t ask questions that have answers that hardly anyone would know. I very rarely miss a game.

Can’t receive my money

PayPal banned me permanently and cannot receive any money


Always look forward to this Fun distraction for my day!! Thank you!


I love doing trivia and this is a great game to play.


The game is fun, but would even be better if the streaming show did not freeze up so often!


Wish you could win more money

Love this trivia game

Fun trivia game!! Try it, you’ll like it!!

I Love playing the Cash Show

This is my favorite Trvia Game Show. My favorite host is Beau Danner!!! Hi Beau! ❤️

Super fun!

Even if you lose it's still a lot of fun


Very fun, Questions are random which gives everyone a fair playing field

It’s hot

I like raviolis

Lots of glitches

I rarely get through a game without lapses or glitches, likely due to overload. That coupled with the low payouts makes this app a 💤. Basically I practice my trivia for other sites.

Great start, but some issues

I love playing this game and the idea of winning money is like icing on the cake. My only complaint is that you can only cash out your winnings through PayPal, rather than Zelle or Venmo. Since my bank doesn’t accept PayPal transfers, it renders all my winnings useless. I wish we were given options on what app to use to cash out our winnings.


I'm not expecting to get rich off of a free app, so the small prize amounts don't bother me. Hey, it's better than nothing. I love the challenge of seeing if I can come up with the answers and comparing how many others are doing the same, better, or worse.

Cash Show

This show is so cool I definitely recommend it because you actually can win real money unlike some other things


I don’t expect to win, but I do enjoy it.

Big Fun

But lately something you’ve done makes it constantly cut out when it's time to start! It uses up my extra lifes and is super annoying!! Also, what’s with the fast scrolling messaging at the beginning? People always write “unlimited lives-use this code” but what does that mean?? How can you get more lives without making people join WITH YOUR CODE or getting them on the lucky spin??



Great and Easy money maker

Yes the trivia’s are hard but if you get all of them right it’s easy money. AND TWICE A DAY!? THAT IS AMAZING! Recommend your friends now!

Blurry and glitchy

But super fun! Better than HQ

Cash show.

I love this app!!!


Good game

The announcers...

Fun trivia, ruined by obnoxious announcers. The banter in unbearable, and repetitive. It’s the same script every time. Skip the shout-outs and get down to the quiz business!

Better than others!!

Beau is a fun host for one. Players earn money starting at question 6. Fewer players than HQ. Less network latency. A winner!

Waste of time

They make it seem like you when cold hard cash and they remind you to turn on your push notifications so you can know when the show is live . Thing is you only get 5 seconds to answer each question and it’s not easy to get a life or to have a chance to eliminate a wrong answer. If you do luck out and when “$” it’s not even a dollar — it’s pennies. It glitches too and when that happens it constantly says “entering game” but you not in the game and you missed out . The questions are very random and in order for you to even win descent money it depends on how others around the world answer the questions too Total waste

Cash show

I like answering the questions it gets my knowledge going thank you for whoever created this app.

It’s fun

But it’s not easy to win money . Questions are sometimes very hard. I have learnt a lot of interesting things. If you have time to burn why not play for a few pennies here and there .


Super fun game


This trivia game is entertainment for the whole family! Love Beau, Raf, Chill Dog, CREEPY AND CHILL CAT!

Real entertainment!

No fake news here

Best Trivia App

The questions are not too hard and not to easy just perfect.

Cash Show Rules!!!

If you’re looking for a great time... check this out!!!

A blast !

This is a fun way to test your knowledge and when money too❤️😆

Fun but too many shout outs

Too many shout outs, I just want to play the game ...also the app is a battery drainer.


I enjoy the show but hate getting knocked out at question 1 because of problems at your end. You should at least make it up to us with a free extra life


Hey! If you use my referral code, we’ll both get a free heart bonus when you sign up (no strings attached!). Pro bono? Just type in 63ZHUH! Thanks and good luck!

Worst game ever

They have so many people that you can’t even get the $300,000 prize they don’t have enough money for that so they brought it down to 3 000 and you don’t get that price you only get $300 they lied to you you will never get them and stop playing it is all a lie they only give you one cent per $150 question is just a lie they want you to get down there only give you one cent for question it’s supposed to be 150 but it’s actually just one sentence because they have so many people downloading and they know they may have to pay more and I say🤬you Game you know the name

Poor support team

I won $250 and I hadn’t set up a paypal account after I set it up the money never transferred through and I emailed them a month ago and they never got back to me

Battery killer

Used 40% of my battery after 90 minutes in the background...

Cash show

It is fun but you shouldn’t have a money minimum.🤷‍♀️


The lag is terrible and kicks you out of the game ... I’ve tried playing in many areas and connected to WiFi and still the lag is outrageous...good luck to those that still choose to play ... if I could give zero stars I would


New updates are making strides to improve responsiveness and clarity but still some glitching going on! Great effort keep it up!

Great Trivia Game!!

Love this fun learning game!

Love the Cash Show

We have so much fun playing and even though you win pennies at a time, its better than nothing!

Game show

It’s a educational way to learn and win cash money!

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