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I actually got paid out.

So it took me a couple of months lol, but I eventually amassed a whopping $10.32 which was the minimum to withdraw. It took some time for the money to come in to my PayPal account - I actually forgot about it and stopped checking for it- but I randomly logged in and $10.32 was credited by the company. That’s pretty awesome. And it was fun. So thanks a lot guys. I’ll continue playing for fun. LOL at anyone saying it’s a scam. Are you paying for cash show? It’s a free game. If you don’t get your $10 or whatever - who cares? I got paid. Sure it was in review for a couple of weeks, but I wouldn’t stress over “losing” my hard-earned $10. If I didn’t get it I’d still give it 5 stars. Seriously $10...

Awesome Game Show

I play every weekend with my son 😍


This is by far the best trivia game show there is and highly recommend it above all the others! If u like winning real money this is the one for u!!


I love BEAU


Fun and rewarding love it

Shows promise, but underdelivers

App runs reasonably well during live shows, though sound can cut out and I have had freezes delay questions so I had even less than 10 seconds to select an answer. Trivia Challenge (get 12/12 any-time trivia questions right for a free ticket to skip to the cash prize questions) has full screen ads, and answers can be wrong. According to terms, you have 90 days to cash-out before you “waive” your Prize (winnings) which requires a minimum $10 before the Paypal payout can be triggered. At the time of this review, you only have 4 games per week *12 weeks = 48 games to cash-out, and <<10% of players get 12/12 Qs right which yields ~$1.50. Getting even 9/12 only gets you a few cents. Bottom line: good luck getting money on Cash Show, even with ad-based Trivia Challenge. I like the Show, but can feel like I am wasting my time. Let’s see how much longer I stick with it.


Really fun




Why do I have to put in my phone number for a profile ??

I love Cashshow!

Cashshow is an awesome game!!


It glitches way to much!! Takes away what little time there is to answer the question.worst app ever!!

Lots of fun

Very fun trivia game. Much easier to win money then on other trivia apps.

Fire! Amazing!!

Im very impressed!

Too much talking

Get to the game and stop all the filler talk. So cheesy, repetitive and annoying




I have been enjoying playing and winning some money not every time but enough to cash out. The thing that makes me upset and disappointed is that I have to wait a month and a half for “in review”. Even worst is I’m still in “in review” while writing this, I just don’t understand how it takes so long to give me the money. I applied for my money in August I don’t understand this long wait. I can understand a week or two but this is sad.


I like the game. However, I cashed out 4 weeks ago and still haven’t received a payment in PayPal yet. They haven’t responded to emails either, so I cannot give them any more than 1 Star if this game is just to play without any prizes.




Alarms are set and go off at 9:27pm daily. CASH SHOW starts and we do our best on choosing the correct answers. If we get eliminated NO BIG DEAL... we are ready for the next game show. Raphael gives ‘trivia-history’ on the answers THAT is cool too.BEST EVENING ENTERTAINMENT .. THANKS and MORE CASH SHOW...!!!

Cash Show

Still playing

This game is a scam

I had enough money in my account to cash out and they never sent me it.


Played once, won money. What’s not to like?

Freaking Awesome!!

I love The Cash Show! It’s so much fun and I’m actually winning real money from it!!!!

Deleted after two weeks

I had hoped this would be an alternative to HQ but nope. I liked it the first couple of nights as far as how the questions are done so I came back. But then there was a major glitch and they restarted the game and promised extra lives for all. It took several emails and a tweet to finally get mine and then when I got it, it was automatically used in a game I was exiting. Too many glitches on the tech jumps or knocked me out even after I got the correct question and the hosts are just not fun to watch. I wish there was a game with just questions, no hosts. 5 minutes, answer 10 questions, boom, done. No endless shoutouts or props or eating pizza while asking the questions. They make it seem like they are doing us a favor by taking time out of their busy lives to host. They also don’t fact check their scripts. (Like saying an actress was still waiting for a great role when sadly she died a few years ago. C’mon.) I see by other reviews I got out just in time as it seems they’ve hit a new low.

Fun facts

Pure fun you can learn so much from trivia games. Always fun to win cash and no loss to you personally.

Favorite game!

I look forward to playing cash show every night! The hosts are so funny and I always win a few cents. Hey it adds up! :)

Great family fun

We always have a great time playing the cash show as a family. Can’t wait to play each night.

More money than HQ

I have made more money with CashShow than I have with HQ AND there are a lot less glitches!!! The guys are no Scott, but I wouldn’t trade CashShow Beau for anyone in the world.

Better than I Expected

Holy crap this was loads of fun. Even though I didn’t win (got 7 out of 12), I still really liked it! Even if you don’t win anything, it still tests your trivia a whole bunch, which is always good. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with a phone.

Great Game!!

Wonderful game to play. Keeps you on your toes & makes you answer all the questions quickly, within five seconds. There’s also some money to win, though I haven’t been one of the lucky ones.... yet! Even if you fail to answer a question correctly and get kicked off, it’s still fun to watch the rest of the game and see how many questions you could have answered correctly. I also like to see if anyone makes it to the end answering all of the correctly.

Fun but sometimes frustrating

It probably doesn’t help that I thought that you would win a couple thousand dollars all at once! The game is fun, though, and I have learned a few things.

Poorly run, on its way out

It doesn't matter if they "intended" that video to be racist. Blackface is hugely problematic. Show some respect. Racism is a cancer on this country's soul. Even if it wasn't intended and they kinda sorta "apologized" on Twitter, that's as hollow as "thoughts & prayers". Did anyone actually watch that clip before showing it? We know Beau hosts while intoxicated. Raf too? The receiver of the offense determines if it's offensive. Not whitesplainers on Twitter. If I punch someone dead in the face and say I didn't mean it, does it hurt the recipient any less? Not to mention they're cutting the shows down so much. They've eliminated the UK shows. Can't do sponsors or ads like everyone else? I'd watch like an hour of ads to get my $3 🤣. But don't give us our money. Save it for the bankruptcy lawyers, capisce?

Love it

I really enjoy cash show. Raf and Beau are both super fun! I hope they aren’t getting rid of the show :( I have noticed there are less and less shows

What happened

I love playing this game, and I have 14 friends playing. We all want the full schedule back!!


The game showed a video of some babies in black face tonight and the whack host tried to play it off like it was nothing. This app is trash.

Blackface video

A video relating to one of the questions was shown which appeared to show children in blackface. I believe it was shown by mistake but wasn’t properly acknowledged by the host or apologized despite many being disturbed by it. It played after the first question so there was plenty of time to acknowledge especially with comments coming in live and being read from Twitter. Should have been handled much better.

Cash sHOw

Penny’s on the dollar

One Of The Best Trivia Games Out There

I got on the Cash Show bandwagon pretty late which bums me out. This is a solid trivia game with great hosts. Raf and Beau are a lot of fun to watch. The game’s fun plus they’re very generous with prizes. Would definitely recommend downloading this if you’re a fan of trivia.


I was disappointed that in tonight’s show, in a question about Rock Paper Scissors, they decided to use a video of kids in blackface playing the game.


Better than HQ😎

Cash Show

It’s the best trivia show! The hosts have lots of energy.

Very good show

Awesome show enjoy playing it

Great game

This app is really fun and easy to use. I actually understand most of the questions unlike HQ, where it gets so hard that only like 13 people are left. It is over all a great game.$


Don’t talk so much.

No Customer Support - Can’t Cash Out

Been playing since Jan/Feb. Tried to cashout on Wednesday, and I’m still waiting to receive my payment on Sunday. HQ is immediate with their cashouts. Have tried to contact customer support multiple times in past few months on various problems and NEVER get a response. Just announced tonight they will only be running games Sun-Wed, so I’ll be lucky if I ever do get my $$ since the game is dying.

So Much Fun

I have only played three times, but I have gotten better with every try for the money. Am really enjoying CashShow and look forward to the next game live!

Having fun

Good knowledgeable game. Also useless information questions are what I lose on and can’t figure if ever learned that information

Cash Show

Love this app. Easy way to make money

Fun game!

I like that you guys actually give people a real chance to win! Plenty of hookups as incentive to play and it’s FUN!

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