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Finally another hq trivia like game

No research is done on correct answers

The question writers don’t research the correct answers to their questions. One question in particular asked what the first organ to develop in a fetus is. The show’s answer was “anus”, when the correct answer is the heart. The app would be a fun game if users weren’t penalized for being educated.

New to the Game but loving it!

It’s a great app, which is pretty easy to at least win something, they give you free spins at end of game to win “special bonuses “ to play on your next game.

Best game

Best gamw

Too many cheaters

The game itself is an HQ ripoff, but you can start winning a little bit at question 6. But there's always about 1000-2000 people who get all 12 right, even though most of them are ridiculous questions nobody would really know. They need to write questions you can't google in ten seconds or less to make it worthwhile.

Fun way to win cold hard cash

You want cash. You wanna sound smarter than you actually are because you know some facts? Look no further. Play this game, and bring no shame upon yourself.

Fun Family Game

MultiGenerational Game participation definitely increases your chances of winning. But since you start winning after question five, that too, makes winning more likely. It is just fun to struggle our way through the questions. My wife and daughter have won twice and I have won once. All winnings were accomplished with the help of an extra life. It has become part of our daily routine. I wonder how long it will take for us to become millionaires at two to five cents in winnings a day!!


You only win a couple of cents per question you get right (if even that) and you don’t get this huge prize if you complete the rounds. Lucky to get $3 at the end of the game. Also crashes/ glitches very often so its very likely for you to miss a question and get booted out just because of the app freezing.

Show of shows

Best show ever!

Fun game

Trivia is always fun. And who doesn’t love earning money?

Cash show

Love playing !!! 👍😊

This is a SCAM!

I started playing this app back in January and thought it was super fun to play. Beau and Rafael are fun hosts to watch. However, once I hit the $10 minimum to cash out I never received my payment. My PayPal information is correct but it says that my payment is “under review”. I, unfortunately, did not read the other reviews before playing this app. I am NOT the first person this has happened to and I am pretty sure I won’t be the last. I have tried several times to contact the in app support team, the developer themselves, and the hosts via Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and haven’t received one response. Not even a form letter. Whatever you do....DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

Cash Show

Love the game! Appreciate the free spins but hey, too many wrong gones in a row!

Fun Easy Money

I love this game, making a dollar a day just for answering questions, who wouldn’t like that?

Great game

Fun stuff


I’m new to this game but can honestly say it is entertaining none the least!!! You don’t win much money but the principle of the game is still intriguing and keeps you on your toes with the trivia!

Daily fun

Exciting and lots of fun

Steadily declining

This app used to be great. Multiple shows per day, good cash prizes, fun to play. They keep cutting show times and making it less convenient to play. I miss the quick recorded shows and with just one show I’m likely to forget to play.

You can’t not win!!!

A bit glitchy but fun never-the-less a bunch of fun. There is literally nobody I now who can’t win a few cents on average each day playing this game unlike HQ where you are likely to never win a thing. This one pays per question usually after question 5 in increasing amounts. I have been able to answer all 12 questions on here once. Inaccuracies in the app description include the outdated schedule. Indefinitely like one host better than another but I won’t say which. Wouldn’t be fair to say here. DEVELOPERS: This app could use some attention to make sure that there is always bandwidth available to be able to read and answer the game questions first and foremost before concerns about the video feed which can take a back seat in terms of practicality. The glitchy video (even on Wi-Fi) can ruin a game in progress quickly especially on cellular while in a moving vehicle. Would be nice to have a low bandwidth or no video audio-only version to default fail-over to when connections begin to lag appreciably. I can’t tell you how many rounds of Cash Show have been sullied because the lagging video stomped on the game questions or answer input time and ruined the day. Glad you think this latest version is smoother but I digress there is much much room for improvement for people on sketchy/wow or intermittent network connections: (try intentionally buffering 5 seconds of the video and game feed and make that 5 catch up half way during the posing the question part so that responses remain responsive. Something clever like that would help tremendously!

Cash Show Review

Man I love this game. I look forward to playing everyday. Nothing else matters while the game is on and I’m still in it to win it

Better than hq

You can start winning cash after 6 answers unlike hq where you dont get anything unless you get through round 12

Cash out

Fun game but I cashed out 2 weeks ago and still haven’t been paid

Best app!!

Love this app! The game is fun and fast paced. I think the guys do an amazing job hosting! They make me smile every time! So glad I found this

SO much FuN!!!

Cash Show moves quickly—makes it so much more interesting! Also, it’s great earning money without having to get 100%!!! Lucky Spins are worth waiting for, too! All that PLUS very cool hosts . . . Best game show EVER!

Love it

Love this game. Have not won, well one cent but it’s a fun game to play. LOVE IT


I really love this show. I wish it was easier to get lives to stay in the game.

Waiting for cash

Love this app but my cash out is ‘in review’ for a very long time. Will you guys ever pay out or are you a scam?

Good Job

I think it’s a great game the state around with the family and enjoy the day with him it’s also very learning and inspirational and thank you guys for your time

Can’t cash out.

NOTE: I’ve contacted support by email three weeks ago, no response. I tweeted Cash Show a week ago, no response. I installed the app and earned $11.88 and cashed out and about a week later I was paid. Fast forward to now and I have close to $14 in my balance but can I cash out? No. Why can’t I cash out? Because it says my first cash out of $11.88 is under review EVEN THOUGH I’VE BEEN PAID. So for whatever reason Cash Show is reviewing if they should pay me my original cash out when they already have. This makes it where it’s impossible to cash out my current winnings. On top of that they seem unwilling to respond to me. My email to support has been going on 3 weeks without any kind of response.

Thank you

Lots of fun. Great hosts. Some day I will win my $1.32 and will be thrilled✌🏾

Cash Show

I enjoy this trivia game show! It is a lot truly a ton of fun as well as frustrating! Makes you really feel stupid and smart!!!!

Cash Show Is The Bomb!

Cash Show is a trivia game where you can win Real Money! Q’s start easy and get harder? Can you beat it?

Cash show

Need better host for the show

Cash show

Great job guys keep up the good work from your friend Carson Ross aka Uncle C

Cash Show is the BEST

I already have $12.05 on my IPod and $1.07 on my phone!


It’s great game and fun but the quality could be a bit better

Fun trivia!

I play it everyday.

First time player and first time winner!

I was happy to find this game and thrilled to win my first time playing. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Crooked app

I downloaded this app last year to make a bit of money and have some fun. He app worked terribly and would drop me in the middle of a match so I quit using it. Months after deleting the app they suddenly billed me for a weekly VIP upgrade. I hadn’t had the app for the better part time f a year, but they were still keeping me under contract somehow. Crummy Ponzi scheme that should be reported.

Fun game

This trivia game is fun. When you make it past question 5, you can start to earn money. It's like a couple pennies at a time unless you win the whole game but it's a penny more than you had for playing a game for fun so it's nice incentive to play.


It’s a fun game.


Fun, but very hard to win much money. Cold hard pennies, not cash! You can learn a lot though!

Love cash show

Cash show is a really fun game and my family and I take this game seriously. Best family activity I know!

A little cash and fun!

This app has minimal glitches. The game is fun, hosts are great and I like the prize questions start at ?6.

Bring back the cold Cash Show

Cash Show needs to go back to how it was earlier this year. Bring back the afternoon 3:300 games, even if it is prerecorded. Also, bring back the 5 games for $5,000 on the weekends back too. Even if you can’t afford to do five, even 3 would be fine, but go back to the old ways. Also, it would be nice to get out money quicker. Most of the other apps take minutes/hours to a day of 2 max, but Cash Show takes 2 weeks. Fix those two issues and you have a perfect app!! Rooting for you. Edit: I forgot you should eliminate the “auto-win” on the final question, meaning if you have an extra life on the final question and you get it wrong, you still win. No other app has that. Also, make it easier or give us more ways for us to get lives.

So much fun

All in


Absolutely enjoying playing - with friends and family.

Want to delete my account

But it won’t let me. This is super annoying.

The best of the quiz apps!

Cash Show beats them all, because you start earning cash as soon as you answer Q6 correctly! You’ll get lots more if you get all the way to the end at Q12, but it’s fun to earn it incrementally along the way. Plus, the hosts keep it moving! Starts on time and gets right to it-no blabbering or droning on and on like a few of the others. I play every day, twice a day! Wouldn’t miss it.

Fun game

Tough questions and had fun playing. Wish they had Day games considering I work second shift

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